Science Centre AHHAA is the biggest science centre in Estonia and the Baltic states, located in Tartu. The main purpose of AHHAA is promoting science, technology and the scientific approach to solve common disadvantages. Address: Sadama 1, 51004, Tartu, Estonia. Phone: +372 745 6789

Beer Museum in Tartu was the birthplace of the Estonian beer industry and it has been a beer city for almost a thousand years. The Beer Museum opened on 1 July 2003 in order to preserve the history of industrial beer brewing.

The Estonian National Museum founded 1909 in Tartu is a museum devoted to folklorist Jakob Hurt’s heritage, to Estonian ethnography and folk art. The first items for the museum were originally collected in the latter part of the 19th century.Address: Muuseumi tee 2, 60532 Tartu, Estonia. Phone: +372 736 3051

Printing and Paper Museum is located in Aparaaditehas at 42 Kastani Street. On its two floors, you can see how paper is made, admire paper sculptures, historical printing presses, wooden and lead typefaces, as well as a variety of thematic and temporary exhibitions.

Tartu Art Museum is a state-owned museum of art located in Tartu, Estonia. It was founded in 1940 on a private initiative by the members of local art school Pallas. This is the largest art museum in Southern Estonia.

Tartu Cathedral, earlier also known as Dorpat Cathedral, is a Catholic church in Tartu, Estonia. The building is now an imposing ruin overlooking the lower town. Address: Ülikooli 18 50090 Tartu, Estonia. Phone: +372 737 5674

Tartu Toy Museum is the biggest toy museum in the Baltic States, located in Tartu, Estonia. It displays over 5000 toys from its vast collection and has several interactive toys for the visitors to try out, as well as a playroom for children. Address: Lutsu 8, 51006 Tartu, Estonia. Phone: +372 746 1777

KGB Cells Museum (better known as the Dungeons of the KGB) – one of the most remarkable museums in Estonia dedicated to the crimes of the Communist regime and to the Estonians’ resistance movement – opened its doors in Tartu. Image Map